I got up this morning and went to the bathroom.  Once completing my morning routine, I happened to glance at the mirror on my way out and was shocked!  WHO PUT THAT TOLL IN MY MIRROR? When I was younger, I thought I was pretty – not astonishingly beautiful, just pretty.  This morning’s visit to … Continue reading WHO PUT THE TROLL IN MY MIRROR?


My sister and I have started keeping notes when we are into our Friday Night Cups (in our case-Bottles). The first reason was very sensible – to do list. We keep thinking of things that we forgot that still need to be done (because any size farm is never-ending chores). A tornado can throw you … Continue reading I AM THE NEW FACE OF WHAT?

Dear God What Now?

Fricken aye!  Just one night-a full eight hours of sleep – why is that so hard to get?  I hear the boards creaking from you walking around upstairs.  I guess that you overslept again and are now running late for work. Sisters - the things we won’t do for them.  I rolled over and looked … Continue reading Dear God What Now?


There are so many times in life all we seem to focus on is the bad or negative moments from our past.  We really need to change that! I hit another milestone in life this last month. Turned 60-years young on the 16th. Turned 20-years since Columbine (yes, I lived in Denver during that tragedy) … Continue reading DO YOU TALK TO THEM?

Blessing or A Curse?

Modern medicine can be amazing – or it can hurt like the end of days.  If you have been following my post’s you know that 2014 was not a good year for me.  Part of that year was spent doing joint surgeries for arthritis issues I choose to ignore (for too long – idiot me!).  … Continue reading Blessing or A Curse?

Life Lessons Lived – Laughter:

Since my mind has just been a wandering mess, I decided to share some things that distract me and make me smile – here goes:  Starting you out slowly. Yes, I have had several of these days actually. If you have not seen Princess Bride – do so! Somedays I just feel like doing this … Continue reading Life Lessons Lived – Laughter:


I should go further – it’s not even in my list of possibilities.  Being a great cook that it.  I love watching others do it, but when it comes to my own abilities – not a chance.  The other day I posted on my other blog that I burned myself while crafting: As of this … Continue reading CAN YOU TELL IT’S NOT MY PASSION?

Just Sex, Or Something Much Better?

Get out of the gutter everyone!  This post is not about sex, it is about a kiss. I have been watching sappy (yes, chick-flicks) movies since just before Christmas.  Maybe the loss of our older sister put me in the mood for memories, maybe it was just the time of year.  The problem is I … Continue reading Just Sex, Or Something Much Better?


I love getting emails on how to do things.  I also get lots of stuff from things like HGTV with videos or slides on how to do things.  The recent one I received threw me for a loop.  They called it: Countryside Escapes: Luxury Log Cabin in Jackson Hole In all fairness, they did call … Continue reading THIS IS A CABIN?

Where And How Did His Parents Grow Up?

Some of you may find this post, not to your liking.  Please understand that this is not a one-on-one attack or anything so simple.  I am trying to understand what causes this type of behavior? When I first watched the video clip I did not see kids or races or hats, I saw a very … Continue reading Where And How Did His Parents Grow Up?