Years ago (ok DECADES ago), there was a book that came out about what color type you were based on your skin tones. I have a strong Irish/German heritage, so I have very pale skin.  My eyes are also very light blue, and I have dark brown hair with red highlights (more grey now – eeek).  So, needless to say, when I go out in the summer sun I burn very easy.

That top-of-the-charts book told me that I was a “fall” skin tone type.  This seemed correct to me as I love the colors of deep red, dark green, and gold in the clothes I wore back then.  To some extent, I still lean toward those colors when I shop for clothing. However, I have just discovered that I may have a fall skin tone, but I have a winter heart.

peaceful winter When you look at this picture do you fee cold, harsh, and alone?  I see warm and cozy.  I picture a home filled with warmth and laughter.

peaceful winter 2How about this one?  Are you only thinking about Christmas and the stark cold of winter?  I think of crafting and making things to share with family, friends, and loved ones.

hidden snow cabin This is one of my favorite dreams.  I would love to have a tiny little cabin in the middle of the woods.  I prefer it be small enough to have a fireplace as the only mode of heat.  I would need some lanterns for decent lighting.  My goal there would be to find peace, quiet, and creativity.  All I need would be:

  • Several good crafting books.
  • Tons of yarn.
  • Some of my beading supplies.
  • Hot cocoa, snuggly blankets on an overstuffed couch, and a warm fire.

Minor amenities like food, water, and a bathroom would also be nice.  However, I do know how to create good drinking water from snow.  I have used the woods for a bathroom before (when I was a lot younger, but I’m sure the concept is still the same).  I also know a bit about hunting and foraging and if there is a stream or lake nearby – fishing is a must.

The next best thing to my favorite would be this:

slow walk to unknown in snowA woods with a path that does not show a clear end.  I see peace, quiet, and another story!

I would love to hear what season your heart is and why an  I hope you feel the urge to share.

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