TOO MUCH TRASH? This can help!

No, I am not talking about garbage in the normal sense.  I am talking about news trash:

  • Politics (just awful over the last couple of years – and NO, I do not approve of our Commander and Chief).
  • Natural disasters (floods, volcanos, hurricanes, fires, and even a huge iceberg).
  • Violence (I swear there is at least one major ugly violent story in the news every day).

I beg you stop telling me TRUMP funny

Well, I have decided to find the funny, fun, and heartwarming stuff that is out there and share it.  This is only going to be one day a week (for now), but if I get enough good responses, I may have to turn it into more.

I hope you enjoy reading, watching, smiling, and sometimes laughing at these as much as I did when I found them!

My first is from our friends at Mother Nature (  It is titled:

These comedy wildlife photo winners will make you belly laugh

Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards focus on wildlife conservation but lighten the mood with humor.    By: Angela Nelson

I have seen tons of animal pics that have made me smile with funny or heartwarming stuff, but these actually gave me the giggles.  Since the main purpose of my blog is to bring more joy into your life (no matter what is happening in your world), I thought this would be a perfect way to help.  A couple of them I have seen before, but I can’t stop laughing out loud at the crab!

I hope you enjoy and have a great rest of your day.

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