I love getting emails from other how-to-er’s (yes, I just created a new word, and a lot of you are not going to like it – get over it.) all over the world.  One of the first places that I connected with is  They have brought me so many wonders over the last ten years it is amazing.

They look at everything from crafting, to health and wellness, to fun family activities, and much more.  I am not affiliated with them; I simply wanted to share something new that they brought me this morning.  It was all about the wonders of Green Tea.

I have been drinking green tea for only the last five years, and not very regular, but I am hooked.  After reading the article and watching the video, I want more, and I want to do it right.  Starting Friday (just because it is my Grandson’s tenth birthday, so it will be easy to remember the start date.), I am going to switch from my morning coffee to morning green tea.  Wish me luck.

too much coffee

It’s easy enough to set up a pot of coffee; now I just need to remember to make it plain hot water and DO NOT add coffee.  Steeping for the 2-3 minutes will also be easy as it is about that long before I can drink anything hot.  The only bummer is I currently only have dried green tea on hand.  I will have to check into her connections and see what I can do about obtaining some fresh stuff.

I will put out monthly updated on how I am progressing and if it really helps with what she states.  The main goals I will be looking at are:

  • Abdominal Fat (including bloating)
  • Reduced cravings (I admit it – I am a choc-o-holic, especially the dark stuff.)
  • Improved brain function (not sure how to measure this, maybe it will just come to me?)
  • I do not have diabetes or high cholesterol, but I do have high blood pressure. Would be fantastic if it can reduce this and get me off the meds. (It took 18 different tries to find the one that would work for/with me – hate that I need chemicals.)
  • I also take meds for my anxiety, another thing I hate, but it became a necessity after the fire. In my younger years, I labeled myself as the “stress eater” because I loved being pushed to my limits.  The difference between then and now is that was work-related stress and easy to let go at days end. The fire created so much personal stress that I needed help to lower it.  The stress boosted my blood pressure, which made me sick(er).

types of green tea

Want The Perfect Cup Of Green Tea?

  • Be Sure Your Water Is Slightly Hot Or Tepid, Not Boiling.
  • Leave Your Tea Bag Or Leaves In For 2-3 Minutes, Then Remove. You’ll Have A Nice Flavor, Less Caffeine, But All The Antioxidants And Vitamins Contained In The Tea.
  • You Could Also Add A Dollop Of Honey For Some Extra Sweetness, Or A Mint Leaf Or Cinnamon Stick For More Flavor (never add milk or creamer).
  • Then Sit Back And Enjoy Getting Healthier!

The video below is perfect at explaining why Green Tea is better, and the differences in the Green Teas.

Green Tea Benefits Video

(She is amazing!)

Since we are nearing the end of another year and since this year was absolutely awful, I have decided to try this major/minor change in my life.  The best part of all this is that I love trying new things.  Foods, crafts, books, yarn works, you name it, and I will give it a shot.  If anything new can add or create a change for good in my life – woohoo!  So here’s to trying new things!


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