Last week Friday 9/7/18 (grandson’s birthday so I would remember) was just my first day at trying to switch out my coffee for green tea.  Here are the things that I have already noticed:

  • I have been battling my first kid came home from school cold, and it’s been an ugly one. The worst part has been my throat.  The first thing I noticed with the green tea is that it did seem to soothe my throat better than the coffee.

bad cold

  • Cravings are down.
    • Part may be because I do not add creamer to my tea (not supposed to), but I do LOVE it in my coffee. I can (have and will) drink coffee black, but sometimes the coffee is very bitter or way too strong for my taste. I simply chose years ago to put cream in my coffee.
    • I used to add sugar too, but when we moved to the farm and met out Bee Guy; that changed to honey. It is supposed to have immune boosting properties along with other body goodies. I do add a bit of honey to my tea – usually every other cup so far.  This may change after a while. I am really starting to like the green tea taste.
    • I have also learned that starting the day with something sugary can aid in your craving it more throughout the day. Guess I get to test that theory too.

munchie monster

  • I feel more alert. This may also be part of the leaving the cream and not so much honey aspect.  Not exactly sure what the booster is in it, I just really appreciate

wide awake

  • More energy – this is a biggie for me. Part of my blood pressure meds makes me feel tired all the time.  They have brought my pressure down but caused me to become a bit listless.  I HATE THIS!  There are only so many hours in a day, and only so much I can get done in those hours.  When you wake up feeling tired (even after 4 cups of coffee) you get depressed easily because you feel like nothing is getting done – grrr!


Reviewing all of this, I believe I will stick with my green tea.  It’s hard when my sister and I have always shared the coffee making responsibility.  I can still set up pots in the evening for the next morning, but mine is so much easier.  Have not been able to talk her into it yet.  You CAN teach an old dog (don’t tell her I called her this) new tricks, but you must keep pushing.

What we think we look like

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