It’s been an interesting year; I will give it that:

  • Kid-a-geddon March and April.
  • Tornado apocalypse July (still working on clean up/fix up from that)
  • Death of a beloved older sister (unexpected). (October – just one week before her birthday)
  • Grandson’s nose bleeds from hell. (October into November)
  • Grandson middle of the night seizures – out of the blue – never happened before and the day after Thanksgiving night.

Gotta tell ya, if God is trying to tell me life sucks, he really didn’t have to try so hard.

Just got done with the first round of testing on my Grandson.  Not much is known yet (this I expected – shocker!), but hopefully, in the next few days/weeks we will know more.  His regular doctor is trying to set up approval for him to see a specialist on the bloody nose situation.  Apparently, one side of his nose (the one that bleeds at the drop of a hat and produces blood clots the size of quarters) has some kind of balloon-bubble thingy going on.  She wants to get a Specialists opinion.

Pretty sure when I signed up for being elderly (ya, like you, sign up for it), I did NOT check the box that said: “Throw it all at me at once, I can take it.”  If I did, it was in a not paying attention mode.

I have this lingering fantasy that since the fire of 2014 things will slow down in our lives and somehow find boring normality.  Just not happening.  I know you have to be careful what you wish for, but right now I really wish for boring.  A whole year of just menial, boring stuff.  Writing, crafting, gardening, taking care of the Grandson and the farm – that’s all.  Just one full year of it – PLEASE!!

We are now getting down to the last month of the year, and I feel like a race car driver heading for the finish line – faster, faster, faster because I can’t wait to get to next year.  Keep in mind that silly old me has that darn hope thing going on and a belief that next year will be better.  I stopped saying it “has to get better” after the fire.  I also got to the point of yelling at friends and family that would say it to me.  It seemed that every time I heard that phrase, something else horrific happened.  So I am relying on the hope part to come through for me in 2019.

For now:

  • I will sit and wait.
  • I will try to remain calm.
  • I will handle whatever life throws at me as best as I can.
  • I will continue to do my regular things as I can and hope for a better tomorrow.

Funny serenety prayer

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