IN A MINUTE or two, or three.

I’ll get it in a minute.”  My favorite go-to phrase when I forgot to do something.  Usually, it is because I am very good at the “look, a chicken” thing.  Those of you not familiar with that joke, it expresses how a person can be dead on target to do one thing, then gets pulled away from that target with the littlest other “thing” that needs to be done.

stupid real chicken

I sat down and took the time to count the number of times I did this maneuver just yesterday.  Seventeen.  I could not believe I did that to myself that many times.  Now, the worst part: How many of my “targets” did I get accomplished…three.  How sad is that?

The three I did get done were very important.  Packages that needed to get in the mail by yesterday or they were going to be late for Christmas.  I still have another package to go out. Unfortunately, I could not find the gifts I wanted to send.  My sister found them (in a bag in my craft room – the last place they should have been) so I can now wrap and get them out.  It should be noted that the reason I did NOT find them in the first place is because of the look a chicken maneuver.

stupid chicken

For whatever reason, they ended up in one area I am working on things but not in the right area.  I try to keep my yarn things in my yarn areas.  This one ended up in my craft room (not a yarn area).  Well, no wonder I could not find it!  Between being in the wrong place and being right in front of my face; it was never going to be found through normal methods.  It was found, totally by accident, when my sister came to see if I had any Christmas gift bags in my craft room (duh).  There it was, just sitting in a shopping bag (wide open) in a box (empty except for that bag) and she looked right at it.

look right past it

Then I counted the number of times I walked right past it and did not see it – TWENTY SEVEN.  Yep, every time I went into the craft room to make cards, paper crafts with my grandson, or create anything else in there; I was walking right past it.  The worst of it is I have two tables set up in my craft room.  I usually work on one and use the other to cut and emboss stuff with my machines (they are set up on the 2nd table).  To go from working on a project then turn to cut or emboss a new or extra piece, I would turn right past that stupid bag in the box!

I have just come up with my first and foremost major goal for 2019:


This will not be easy for me.  I want to teach myself how to stay on target until the said target is accomplished.  No more side-tracking, no more “oh, I need to get that done to”-isms, no more just a minutes’.

Minion Ck list

I recently shared with my Bro-in-law how I deal with my days.  He has been overwhelmed with all the things that need to be done since our sister (his wife) passed away in October.

  • The first I shared is that I write everything down that I want, or would like, to get done. Usually, I list everything for the year.  Now some things can only be done during certain times of the year, gardening for example.  But building new plots for new spaces needs to be done before we can plant in them.  So, of these three things: gardening, planting, new plots; obviously, the new plots must come first.  This was just an example of the fact that I put everything on that main list.
  • The second step is to break it down into things that need to be done before other things, or before other things can happen.
  • The third step is to break it down farther into what can I accomplish this week (or month). Once I have that target group set, the
  • fourth step is that I pick three things AND ONLY THREE THINGS, that I can do today.

This has helped bunches over this last year, for me anyway.  There is just so much going on that is scheduled to happen, then top that off with things that are unexpected but happen.  It can be really hard to get through a single day.

The last step is not to freak out if I only got one thing accomplished!  Instead, applaud myself for having gotten that done.  Usually, I will treat myself to a piece of dark chocolate (my Achilles Heel.).  Then I make sure to put the remaining two things on the top of my list for tomorrow and pick out one more to complete my threesome.

My final bit of advice is not to be upset if over several days I had only gotten one thing done per day.  It is still one thing DONE!  Instead, be happy over my smaller accomplishment, the rest will come when I get a minute.

Jim carry dance

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