Where And How Did His Parents Grow Up?

Some of you may find this post, not to your liking.  Please understand that this is not a one-on-one attack or anything so simple.  I am trying to understand what causes this type of behavior?

When I first watched the video clip I did not see kids or races or hats, I saw a very rude invasion of personal space.  I was shocked (and that’s not easy to pull off with me) and disgusted.

Now to see this is a follow-up of that:


Makes me even more disgusted.  To see that our Commander in Chief openly took sides in social media about this is wrong is so many ways.

I was raised to be respectful, polite, courteous, use my manners ALL THE TIME, and never approach a person like that unless you were ready to fight.  I feel very tense, defensive, and angry when someone gets right up into my face for any reason!  This is too close for my comfort zone:

In video accounts of the Jan. 18 encounter, a grinning Sandmann is depicted wearing a red Make America Great Again baseball cap as he stares down Nathan Phillips, and Omaha elder and Vietnam veteran who sings and beats a drum as Covington students laugh and jeer around him.

When you read more about what was going on there, you can’t help but wonder how that kid will be twenty or thirty years from now when he is forced to go off and fight in a “police state” (war as far as I am concerned – I knew too many that were there – it was war.).  When (if) he comes home, how will he feel about violence of any kind?  How will he feel about someone approaching him in this manner?  Would he stand his ground happily?  Get angry?  Get defensive?  Try to walk away and get cornered into some type of reaction?  The article also states that another group was heckling the kid’s group, so did they think they had a right to turn around and do it to someone else?

I remember all of the peace protests of the late 1960s and early 1970s.  I remember the soldiers coming home and being attacked as baby killers.  I remember a beautiful friend that could not sleep through the night because of deep-seated visions from the war – things he would never talk about, but you could read on his face.

Once in a very great while, you will see pictures like this:

veteran 1

veteran 2

I was raised to stand, usually with my right hand over my heart, as the veterans groups marched by at parades.  My parents, school teachers, and even church members taught me to do this out of respect.  It was a way to thank them for all the hard things they do to keep the world safe.  What generation decided to drop these values?

It still takes two to tango, as the saying goes.  I am not saying that either side is fully responsible for the confrontation.  What I am saying is that no one has the right to get up into another person’s personal space without creating some kind of engagement.  I had people that didn’t like the rules and regulations that the Government imposed on housing assistance.  I have had that type of person get right up into my face, and the police were called.  I did not make the rules or regulations, it was my job to implement them.  I would have envelopes handy in case someone was too upset that they could write our local Congressperson to bitch about it.

2 to tango  (Now there’s a reason to get in a persons’ face!)

Our country has rights –

  • the right to have freedom of speech,
  • the right to peaceful assembly,
  • the right to believe as you choose to believe
  • and so many more

I believe in those rights.  I am glad that we have them and proud of those that fight for us to keep them.  I do not believe in senselessly trying to instigate a battle over stupidity.  They were all there using their freedom of speech to peacefully assemble and state their beliefs, so why get into someone else’s personal space over a difference of opinion.  Opinions are our own.  They can be shared, but should not be thrust upon others.

Going back to my original statement:  Where/how did the parents of this kid grow up?  My guess is they are only about a decade or so younger than me, so what happened?  How did they become so disrespectful, and thus taught their son to do the same?

It’s scenes like this (and too many more lately) and make me wish for some kind of apocalypse if nothing else than to just knock some common sense back into the human race.

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