Life Lessons Lived – Laughter:

Since my mind has just been a wandering mess, I decided to share some things that distract me and make me smile – here goes:
inspiration 1 Starting you out slowly.
Yes, I have had several of these days actually.inspiration 2
inspiration 3If you have not seen Princess Bride – do so!
Somedays I just feel like doing this and wish I still could.inspiration 4
inspiration 5If you go on YouTube you will find tons of these – hysterical!
Love this cuz the feeding bottle is bigger than them both.inspiration 6
inspiration 7I wanna go sooo bad!
If you are not starting to at least smile by now, check your pulse.

inspiration 8

inspiration 10 OK, it is the face on the black cat that gets me.
Last, but never least, this would be:inspiration 11

Hope you enjoyed my little bits of nothing important, just a reason to smile (or Snaughling like I did). May your mind wander back to where it must be when you are ready to be there with it.

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