Blessing or A Curse?

Modern medicine can be amazing – or it can hurt like the end of days.  If you have been following my post’s you know that 2014 was not a good year for me.  Part of that year was spent doing joint surgeries for arthritis issues I choose to ignore (for too long – idiot me!).  The first was for a full reverse replacement of my right shoulder.

I still remember that before the surgery I could not pick my arm up to my head to brush my hair without the other hand helping.  If you think about it, any disease or condition that sneaks up on you slowly over several years then overnight takes away something, should be abolished!


I was raised on 80-acres in Wisconsin – a real farm girl.  Wrestling critters, digging in the dirt, and throwing hay bales were all part of the process of growing up farm girl.  It also created one heck of a Tom-Boy girl.  I was in a constant struggle to keep up with the boys.  If they could:

  • Throw 75-pound bales of hay, so could I.
  • Tear apart a small engine, no problem.
  • Drive like an Indie 500 racer, pick me (I was best at the Quarter-Mile).

The only thing I never did master was peeing my name in a snow bank (does not mean I didn’t try – several times).  Drive a tractor, wrestle a calf to the ground, and definitely beat them all when it came to riding my horse.  My skills were just as good that theirs, better in some cases.  Little did I know how much I was going to pay for it later.

girls vs boys

All of my “I can do it” attitude for handling it without a man’s help cost me tons in the long run.  Women are just not meant to do some things – sorry feminists (and yes, I do consider myself one).  If there is a smart way to do it – go for it.  However, if it is just a matter of pure brute strength, get a guy.

The reason I say this now is because of what happened to me very early last Thursday morning.

It was around 3:00 a.m. and all I wanted to do was pull my sheet back up around me (I manage to fling everything off as I sleep because I get too hot.).  I was laying on my left side, reached back with my right arm to grab my sheet and “POP” out went the shoulder socket.

The socket before the surgery was a mess.  There was no ball left in the socket due to arthritis and my own stupidity.  I wore the sucker down to nothing, thus the lack of ability to use it properly.  It was so messed up that the only way to fix it was a complete reverse replacement.  Instead of just scraping around in the joint – it all had to go.  Oh lucky me!?!

r shoulder xray

(hee hee – I now carry a card with this one it because I set off metal detectors.)

Normally the cup is on the shoulder (it is the joint) and the ball would be the end of the arm bone – not for me now.  I completely dissolved the ball at the end of the arm and part of the cup – oh yea me!  Now I have a metal ball in my shoulder and a rod with a cup on the end in my arm.  Well, when it decides to slip out, it used to simply slide a bit.  Yes, it hurt and was very uncomfortable, but once I learned to relax, it would slip back in like it never did anything bad (yes “it” has a mind of it’s own-grr).  Well, not this time.  This time the cup slipped forward and somehow got stuck(you could see it sticking out – eeek) – I felt like it was getting ripped off!

Before when it would slip, I would simply put my arm in my sling until I relaxed enough for it to pop back in.  That wonderful idea did not work this time around.

Lucky me – spring break and grandson went to visit his mom.  My first full day of “no kid” and what did it do, whine and moan in my chair switching from heating pad to ice pack ALL DAY.  Getting to the bathroom was a great experience.  Leaning forward to get up or to sit down would cause excruciating pain.  (Try to get out or in a chair or toilet seat without leaning – good luck!)

painful old lady

Ok, I’m not quite that old or that bad off YET,  but I could not get up, down, cough, sneeze, or move my right arm the whole day.

Suddenly, and quite quietly about 7pm, it simply slipped back into place.


angel                  content old man

And all was right with the world once again.  Three more chances for blissful alone time and to get things done outside on the farm.  Well, it rained, was mega cold winds again, but I did get to play in my craft room – blissfully alone- ahh.


(My idea of bliss.)

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