There are so many times in life all we seem to focus on is the bad or negative moments from our past.  We really need to change that!

be optimistic

I hit another milestone in life this last month.

  • Turned 60-years young on the 16th.
  • Turned 20-years since Columbine (yes, I lived in Denver during that tragedy)
  • Turned 5 years since our complete loss in our house fire.
  • Turned 5 years since the loss of my youngest grandson (in that fire -he was only 4-years old).


Yes, these were all very strong emotional milestones – HOWEVER – I may have figured out another way to deal with these issues – TALK.

Perhaps I’m just nuts, but I find great relief in talking to my physically gone loved ones.  Their bodies are no longer here for me to hug, but I still laugh a lot with them.  I also get mad at them, cry with them, and shout at them – whichever course of action is required at that moment of discussion.   

In case your wondering, no – they do not respond.  At least not in the normal way.  I don’t hear voices (pretty sure my sister does), but I do believe in signs.  If I am in an angry mood and tearing apart weeds in the garden and spill out my anger verbally to the world, I like to think they are listening.  Once in a while, something amazing happens.  During those intense moments:

  • A butterfly has landed on me.
  • A snake crossed my path and looked at me.
  • A morning dove perched above cooing at me.
  • Cats have come and sat next to (or on) me.
  • Even our fowl – chickens, turkeys, ducks – have on occasion joined me.

I like to believe that this is my loved one’s way of saying that I am not alone, and they are listening.  They may not be able to help any more than bringing me a moment’s distraction and possibly a smile, but they are there trying to help.

butterfly on human

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