I got up this morning and went to the bathroom.  Once completing my morning routine, I happened to glance at the mirror on my way out and was shocked!  WHO PUT THAT TOLL IN MY MIRROR?

troll 1

When I was younger, I thought I was pretty – not astonishingly beautiful, just pretty.  This morning’s visit to my mirror showed otherwise.  There was a Troll looking back at me.

troll 2

Not like that part was bad enough, but something was bugging my right eye.  It was glistening in the mirror light as I turned my head.  I thought it was just a loose hair – but nope.  When I grabbed it, I realized it was attached to my eyebrow.  NOT MY EYELASH – BUT MY EYEBROW!!  What the hell??

I managed (just overnight mind you) to grow about a one-inch long, silver eyebrow hair and of course it would not behave and flow with the rest of the eyebrow hairs.  This sucker decided to be rebellious and curl out, away from my face, and back around into my eyeball.  I yanked that beastie out and cringed at the amazing amount of pain it caused as it released from my skin.

It’s not bad enough that:

  • All of my body is sagging and bagging (ya-picture that-LOL)
  • I lost count of my wrinkles.
  • All my joints talk back to me constantly with their moaning and groaning.
  • Sitting on the ground to do garden work is almost as hard as getting back up again (almost but not yet – it’s still one of the most entertaining parts of weeding according to my sister).

No, now I have to look at this Troll in my mirror every morning when I wash my face – yuck!  We are not talking the cute little doll Trolls from that singing kid’s movie; we are talking the Trolls from scary movies only without the special effects.  No CGI here, it’s all-natural.  Oh, lucky me!

I am writing this off as just one more lovely part of growing older.  I could never afford anything like plastic surgery to change my face, and not sure I would want it. I worked hard to earn every single one of my laugh lines and wrinkles.  Yes, I have had many rough times, but (I choose to believe) I have had way many more fun times.

So, if I have to see that Troll in my mirror in the morning; I choose to pretend it looks like this:

troll 3

(FYI: It’s the nose that made me think of this – thanx bunches to dad’s side of the family – grrr!!)

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