When Do You Know You Are Famous?

I’m not talking about the Beatles kind of fame, but just to be well known for something you alone accomplished.  Secretly that has been one of my innermost dreams in life.

While I was working at the Housing Authority, I was well known for several things:

  • The ability to find decent, local, affordable housing for low-income people.
  • I knew where and who to go to for most any kind of help. That came from necessity.
  • When they opened a “211” line in our area, they would call me for help, so I created a cheat-sheet for them to use in our area.

I am O.C.D. about learning things.  I love to know more!

I had a tenant that was falling way behind on her rent, even though she had a good job.  I asked her to come by when she had a moment to talk.  She stopped in that Thursday after her job and fell into tears.  Her daughter (about 8-years old) fell over at school in an epileptic seizure – totally unknown to the family – a couple of months ago, and the school was calling her away from work every time it happened.  She had no clue what to do or where to turn for help.  I locked my office door and spent the next 3+ hours on the phone finding her help.

At the time, I had no clue how important my help was.  I just did it because it was the right thing to do.  My superiors were not happy stating that I was going above my duties.  Maybe so, but why not?  It all helped to create a decent and safe life for that family.  No more missing work or missing rent because of it.  All it took was my time and a bit of effort.

In doing this for her, I also became the “go-to-gal” for many operations in our community.  I once helped the police with a gal that got off the bus here because “It was as far as my ticket would take me, and that was all the money I had.”.  She had simply walked away from her Institution in NY and ended up here.  She did not need police or jail (scary); she needed understanding, compassion, and help to locate home.  It was done, and she went back home safe.

I did not think of myself as “famous” in any sort of way.  Years later (going on nine now), people I knew from then still stop me at different places and ask about help.  I am way out of the loop now, but I can at least point them in a good starting point direction.


This post came out of my Smithsonian email this morning about Bob Ross:

New Investigation Answers Pressing Question: Whatever Happened to All of Bob Ross’ Paintings?

My mom had this dream of being a famous artist.  She was in our family, but never any further than that.  The funny part is she was more famous for her quick-witted humor.  Somehow she even managed to pass it along to dad after they married.  He was kind of angry/starchy when they met, but she turned him into someone with a wit faster than her’s. (Picture Archie Bunker a bit taller with black wavy hair and light blue eyes.)

She watched him faithfully on his P.B.S. show every weekend.  Heaven help you if you would be stupid enough to interrupt her with even a phone call during that time.  After our father passed away, art (specifically painting) became her obsession.  She took art classes at our local community college, but her real love was Bob Ross and his method of painting.  She had a whole studio set up in her home so that she could work along with him during his show.  The result was some amazing works by her that our family deeply cherish.

Sadly, some of my favorites were lost in our fire.  However, we have a great family group on her side of the road, that pitched in to provide some of the works she had given to them – awesome!

Even if you do not know who Bob Ross was, the article is well worth the read.  It gives a great perspective on the man and provides wonderful thoughts on the idea of being famous.


FYI: if you would love a really fun giggle, and you know Bob Ross and his series (a must), you will love this: (click on the picture)

Deadpool as Bob Ross

You can also check me out at:  https://helbergfarmstories.com/ for fun stories from our farm.

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2 thoughts on “When Do You Know You Are Famous?

  1. I can completely understand your position working for the housing authority because when I was working in a very austere business environment I had become the administrator for a sales app that everyone had to use to enter all of their sales, my personality is to help people, so I did, not part of my job, but they asked for help using the app or didn’t understand how things worked, so I would go to them spend time explaining and showing them what to do and how to do it, they appreciated it, management did not. I was famous for being helpful and making things easy to understand, I will always be happy that I went out of my way to do what was right instead of what was always expected. On Bob Ross, I did watch his series, thought he was amazing and understand your mother’s enthusiasm for painting, I am an artist and have created myself, I am glad your family helped you to retain some of the memories of her joy and creativity.

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