There are so many times in life all we seem to focus on is the bad or negative moments from our past.  We really need to change that! I hit another milestone in life this last month. Turned 60-years young on the 16th. Turned 20-years since Columbine (yes, I lived in Denver during that tragedy) … Continue reading DO YOU TALK TO THEM?

Blessing or A Curse?

Modern medicine can be amazing – or it can hurt like the end of days.  If you have been following my post’s you know that 2014 was not a good year for me.  Part of that year was spent doing joint surgeries for arthritis issues I choose to ignore (for too long – idiot me!).  … Continue reading Blessing or A Curse?

Life Lessons Lived – Laughter:

Since my mind has just been a wandering mess, I decided to share some things that distract me and make me smile – here goes:  Starting you out slowly. Yes, I have had several of these days actually. If you have not seen Princess Bride – do so! Somedays I just feel like doing this … Continue reading Life Lessons Lived – Laughter:


I should go further – it’s not even in my list of possibilities.  Being a great cook that it.  I love watching others do it, but when it comes to my own abilities – not a chance.  The other day I posted on my other blog that I burned myself while crafting: As of this … Continue reading CAN YOU TELL IT’S NOT MY PASSION?

Just Sex, Or Something Much Better?

Get out of the gutter everyone!  This post is not about sex, it is about a kiss. I have been watching sappy (yes, chick-flicks) movies since just before Christmas.  Maybe the loss of our older sister put me in the mood for memories, maybe it was just the time of year.  The problem is I … Continue reading Just Sex, Or Something Much Better?


I love getting emails on how to do things.  I also get lots of stuff from things like HGTV with videos or slides on how to do things.  The recent one I received threw me for a loop.  They called it: Countryside Escapes: Luxury Log Cabin in Jackson Hole In all fairness, they did call … Continue reading THIS IS A CABIN?

Where And How Did His Parents Grow Up?

Some of you may find this post, not to your liking.  Please understand that this is not a one-on-one attack or anything so simple.  I am trying to understand what causes this type of behavior? When I first watched the video clip I did not see kids or races or hats, I saw a very … Continue reading Where And How Did His Parents Grow Up?

THE 50s SUCK! (Promise not to laugh too hard?)

I’m not talking about the decade of the 1950s.  I am talking about the ages of 50 to 59 in life. Since this year I will be finally moving out of the 50s, I have earned the right to share how disgusting my 50s were for me.  I will start by sharing the obvious things: … Continue reading THE 50s SUCK! (Promise not to laugh too hard?)


I used to work for our local Housing Authority (yep a Government job – eek). I started in the winter of 2000 and left in the spring of 2011. Not that long but, trust me, long enough. When I started, I had no Grandparents raising Grandkids. When I left, I had dozens raising their Grandkids. … Continue reading WHY DOES IT SEEM SO EASY?

Who Would Be In Your Circle?

I was getting ready to post a rant that I wrote titled: How long held hostage? Then I stopped and thought about it. I have been through all kinds of bad stuff. I have friends that have been through similar things. That’s just what life is all about, I think. Yes, we can stand up … Continue reading Who Would Be In Your Circle?