When Do You Know You Are Famous?

I’m not talking about the Beatles kind of fame, but just to be well known for something you alone accomplished.  Secretly that has been one of my innermost dreams in life. While I was working at the Housing Authority, I was well known for several things: The ability to find decent, local, affordable housing for … Continue reading When Do You Know You Are Famous?


There are so many times in life all we seem to focus on is the bad or negative moments from our past.  We really need to change that! I hit another milestone in life this last month. Turned 60-years young on the 16th. Turned 20-years since Columbine (yes, I lived in Denver during that tragedy) … Continue reading DO YOU TALK TO THEM?

Life Lessons Lived – Laughter:

Since my mind has just been a wandering mess, I decided to share some things that distract me and make me smile – here goes:  Starting you out slowly. Yes, I have had several of these days actually. If you have not seen Princess Bride – do so! Somedays I just feel like doing this … Continue reading Life Lessons Lived – Laughter:


I love getting emails on how to do things.  I also get lots of stuff from things like HGTV with videos or slides on how to do things.  The recent one I received threw me for a loop.  They called it: Countryside Escapes: Luxury Log Cabin in Jackson Hole In all fairness, they did call … Continue reading THIS IS A CABIN?

IN A MINUTE or two, or three.

“I’ll get it in a minute.”  My favorite go-to phrase when I forgot to do something.  Usually, it is because I am very good at the “look, a chicken” thing.  Those of you not familiar with that joke, it expresses how a person can be dead on target to do one thing, then gets pulled … Continue reading IN A MINUTE or two, or three.


Last week Friday 9/7/18 (grandson’s birthday so I would remember) was just my first day at trying to switch out my coffee for green tea.  Here are the things that I have already noticed: I have been battling my first kid came home from school cold, and it’s been an ugly one. The worst part … Continue reading IS THE NEW THING WORKING?


I love getting emails from other how-to-er’s (yes, I just created a new word, and a lot of you are not going to like it – get over it.) all over the world.  One of the first places that I connected with is https://thewhoot.com/.  They have brought me so many wonders over the last ten … Continue reading THEY DID IT AGAIN – YEAH!

TOO MUCH TRASH? This can help!

No, I am not talking about garbage in the normal sense.  I am talking about news trash: Politics (just awful over the last couple of years – and NO, I do not approve of our Commander and Chief). Natural disasters (floods, volcanos, hurricanes, fires, and even a huge iceberg). Violence (I swear there is at … Continue reading TOO MUCH TRASH? This can help!