When Do You Know You Are Famous?

I’m not talking about the Beatles kind of fame, but just to be well known for something you alone accomplished.  Secretly that has been one of my innermost dreams in life. While I was working at the Housing Authority, I was well known for several things: The ability to find decent, local, affordable housing for … Continue reading When Do You Know You Are Famous?


My sister and I have started keeping notes when we are into our Friday Night Cups (in our case-Bottles). The first reason was very sensible – to do list. We keep thinking of things that we forgot that still need to be done (because any size farm is never-ending chores). A tornado can throw you … Continue reading I AM THE NEW FACE OF WHAT?

Dear God What Now?

Fricken aye!  Just one night-a full eight hours of sleep – why is that so hard to get?  I hear the boards creaking from you walking around upstairs.  I guess that you overslept again and are now running late for work. Sisters - the things we won’t do for them.  I rolled over and looked … Continue reading Dear God What Now?


There are so many times in life all we seem to focus on is the bad or negative moments from our past.  We really need to change that! I hit another milestone in life this last month. Turned 60-years young on the 16th. Turned 20-years since Columbine (yes, I lived in Denver during that tragedy) … Continue reading DO YOU TALK TO THEM?

Blessing or A Curse?

Modern medicine can be amazing – or it can hurt like the end of days.  If you have been following my post’s you know that 2014 was not a good year for me.  Part of that year was spent doing joint surgeries for arthritis issues I choose to ignore (for too long – idiot me!).  … Continue reading Blessing or A Curse?


I used to work for our local Housing Authority (yep a Government job – eek). I started in the winter of 2000 and left in the spring of 2011. Not that long but, trust me, long enough. When I started, I had no Grandparents raising Grandkids. When I left, I had dozens raising their Grandkids. … Continue reading WHY DOES IT SEEM SO EASY?


Last week Friday 9/7/18 (grandson’s birthday so I would remember) was just my first day at trying to switch out my coffee for green tea.  Here are the things that I have already noticed: I have been battling my first kid came home from school cold, and it’s been an ugly one. The worst part … Continue reading IS THE NEW THING WORKING?

TOO MUCH TRASH? This can help!

No, I am not talking about garbage in the normal sense.  I am talking about news trash: Politics (just awful over the last couple of years – and NO, I do not approve of our Commander and Chief). Natural disasters (floods, volcanos, hurricanes, fires, and even a huge iceberg). Violence (I swear there is at … Continue reading TOO MUCH TRASH? This can help!