When Do You Know You Are Famous?

I’m not talking about the Beatles kind of fame, but just to be well known for something you alone accomplished.  Secretly that has been one of my innermost dreams in life. While I was working at the Housing Authority, I was well known for several things: The ability to find decent, local, affordable housing for … Continue reading When Do You Know You Are Famous?


I got up this morning and went to the bathroom.  Once completing my morning routine, I happened to glance at the mirror on my way out and was shocked!  WHO PUT THAT TOLL IN MY MIRROR? When I was younger, I thought I was pretty – not astonishingly beautiful, just pretty.  This morning’s visit to … Continue reading WHO PUT THE TROLL IN MY MIRROR?


My sister and I have started keeping notes when we are into our Friday Night Cups (in our case-Bottles). The first reason was very sensible – to do list. We keep thinking of things that we forgot that still need to be done (because any size farm is never-ending chores). A tornado can throw you … Continue reading I AM THE NEW FACE OF WHAT?

Blessing or A Curse?

Modern medicine can be amazing – or it can hurt like the end of days.  If you have been following my post’s you know that 2014 was not a good year for me.  Part of that year was spent doing joint surgeries for arthritis issues I choose to ignore (for too long – idiot me!).  … Continue reading Blessing or A Curse?

Life Lessons Lived – Laughter:

Since my mind has just been a wandering mess, I decided to share some things that distract me and make me smile – here goes:  Starting you out slowly. Yes, I have had several of these days actually. If you have not seen Princess Bride – do so! Somedays I just feel like doing this … Continue reading Life Lessons Lived – Laughter:


I should go further – it’s not even in my list of possibilities.  Being a great cook that it.  I love watching others do it, but when it comes to my own abilities – not a chance.  The other day I posted on my other blog that I burned myself while crafting: As of this … Continue reading CAN YOU TELL IT’S NOT MY PASSION?


I love getting emails on how to do things.  I also get lots of stuff from things like HGTV with videos or slides on how to do things.  The recent one I received threw me for a loop.  They called it: Countryside Escapes: Luxury Log Cabin in Jackson Hole In all fairness, they did call … Continue reading THIS IS A CABIN?

THE 50s SUCK! (Promise not to laugh too hard?)

I’m not talking about the decade of the 1950s.  I am talking about the ages of 50 to 59 in life. Since this year I will be finally moving out of the 50s, I have earned the right to share how disgusting my 50s were for me.  I will start by sharing the obvious things: … Continue reading THE 50s SUCK! (Promise not to laugh too hard?)

Who Would Be In Your Circle?

I was getting ready to post a rant that I wrote titled: How long held hostage? Then I stopped and thought about it. I have been through all kinds of bad stuff. I have friends that have been through similar things. That’s just what life is all about, I think. Yes, we can stand up … Continue reading Who Would Be In Your Circle?


What (if anything) do you hang on to?  I have a ton of memories, but (even after the fire) I have only a few physical mementos.  One of the greatest treasures I have is a couple of letters that were sent between my mom and my Aunt Elaine. I know it’s hard for some of … Continue reading WHAT DO YOU HANG ON TO AND WHY?