I had a pretty severe meltdown the other morning. This used to happen to me a couple of times a year, and now it only happens about once a year. The key is what is happening that year. If you have been reading this blog for a while now, you realize that I have been … Continue reading MELT DOWN / SOLID UP.


Last week Friday 9/7/18 (grandson’s birthday so I would remember) was just my first day at trying to switch out my coffee for green tea.  Here are the things that I have already noticed: I have been battling my first kid came home from school cold, and it’s been an ugly one. The worst part … Continue reading IS THE NEW THING WORKING?


I love getting emails from other how-to-er’s (yes, I just created a new word, and a lot of you are not going to like it – get over it.) all over the world.  One of the first places that I connected with is  They have brought me so many wonders over the last ten … Continue reading THEY DID IT AGAIN – YEAH!


I have been asked so many times over my 50+ years, how do I manage to stay happy and keep going?  The last four years I have been struggling with the answer to this question.  While driving my Grandson to another Therapy appointment, I came upon the answer:  DON’T DWELL!    I began thinking about … Continue reading I FIGURED OUT MY SECRET!

“Darcy, We’re Not In Kansas – Yet” – or The Tornado Trip

Well, those of you have been following me should know enough about my past to know there is damage.  The fire of 2014 was the worst.  July 29, 2018, comes in a pretty close second – F2 Tornado. The whole trip was wicked.  We have a huge living room window that I judge when it … Continue reading “Darcy, We’re Not In Kansas – Yet” – or The Tornado Trip


Years ago (ok DECADES ago), there was a book that came out about what color type you were based on your skin tones. I have a strong Irish/German heritage, so I have very pale skin.  My eyes are also very light blue, and I have dark brown hair with red highlights (more grey now – … Continue reading WHAT SEASON IS YOUR HEART?

WE ARE NOT ALONE, and I am proud of it!

No, I am not talking about aliens.  I am talking about reading lovers.  Books, ebooks, blogs, comic books and whatever else we can get our hands on –  IT MUST BE READ.   There is one book that stands out in my mind, even to this day – Chatter The Red Squirrel.  I know it … Continue reading WE ARE NOT ALONE, and I am proud of it!

FREE NOW – what a crock!

I get tons of emails on a daily basis. Granted it is all my fault as I have subscribed to most of them.  However, in my defense, I found that when I find an interesting post, go in, sign up and hope to receive more “interesting” posts; I get a load of garbage instead. I … Continue reading FREE NOW – what a crock!

Will We Deserve It?

Big Brother is watching but not listening.

How Did This Happen?

Sneaky sisters and exercise tactics.